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Patch Notes

<2022.04.16> : Mirrored's button to "friends of the site".
Fixed the "return to /index.html" link on /home.html

<2022.02.17> : Added books list. Older unlisted update: Edited BBS page to indicate down status.

<2021.11.11> : Added various buttons. Minor landing page links.

<2021.11.06> : Updated/fixed BBS listing

<2021.11.02> : Minor CSS editing (now using vh/vw instead of % for iframe)

<2021.10.18> : Added IWW button and link.

< sometime > : Added barebones JP site

<2021.07.28> : Rolling updates, mostly aesthetic changes.
o Mostly buttons.
o Added a lot of alt text
o Fixed a LOT of html
o Removed Herobrine

<2021.07.26> : Added several buttons!

<2021.06.28> : Minor rework of homepage and some minor code corrections.

<2021.03.05> : March 5th Redesign:
o All navigation now done internally using an iframe, except twitter, which does not allow embedded pages.
o Stopped using Adobe Dreamweaver, in favour of handwritten HTML/CSS.
o Fixed the two-year-old typo ("uplaoded") on the home page.

<2021.01.09> : Link Reform Update:
o Now hosted at a custom domain (
o Blog pages now point to subdomains (,
o Removed some pages.

<2019.05.19> : Added Patch Notes
o As it says on the tin.

<2019.05.18> : As follows:
o Added Blog Section (vivi266@tumblr; b266@tumblr; vivi0266@twitter)

<2019.15.17> : Major Redesign using Adobe Dreamweaver
o As it says on the tin, now deprecated.
o This is the initial version of the site, from between 2019 May and 2021 Feb.

<2019.15.17> : Initial Upload
o As it says on the tin.